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Love Pairs

Love Pairs

What's better than the classic memory game with a Valentines theme? A date with your hotty on Valentines Day duh! But you know you'll be bored waiting in line for chocolates, flowers and heart shaped candies. So whip out your phone and get your memory fired up for some serious matching action!

Where are those lips? I swear I just saw a teddy bear! Can you get a better score than your Valentines crush? Great game to play while laughing and giggling in the arms of your lover on that special day! Enjoy our custom graphics and a refined game playing experience. Good for staving off Alzheimer's! Get in a V-Day mood and whip that lazy short term memory into shape with YummyYellow's latest creation, Love Pairs.

Unlike other memory games, this one doesn't make you wait for the cards to hide. You can go as fast as you please!

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