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Broken Compass

Broken Compass

Ever been lost and needed direction? Buy an iPhone 3GS and use the compass.

Ever known exactly where you were and needed to get lost? Buy our App! It's a broken compass, or maybe it's cursed or blessed, we're actually not sure. The pointing algorithm was delivered to our lead as hand written Fortran on a papyrus scroll by three witches in Dharma branded coveralls! It uses code so mystical and magical that even IBM main-framers have no idea what its doing!

It's great for walking into things or acting like you're drunk walking down the street. Just follow the directions. When used on pirate ships it's guaranteed to lead to the Isla De Muerta! If you're visiting the forests outside of Florin and you don't have Inigo Montoya's sword handy, use it to find the Pit of Despair! It can get you off The Island quicker then Benjamin Linus's sub! It's just that good.

Finally a multi purpose tool for decisions and activities where you need a lack of direction. Just listen to these testimonials:

"I use it to pick answers to questions. Helps me sound smart, you betcha!" - Parah Salin
"If only I'd had this App when looking for El Dorado" - Francisco de Orellana
"My 1905 paper on Brownian Motion would have been my 1903 paper had I had this App!" - Albert Einstein
"I use it to take random Sunday walks down Wall Street" - Murton Balkiel
"I use it to find which employees are looking at Facebook and Reddit at work, works every time!" - My Boss
"We use it to decide which features make it into each different Mindows SKU" - Gill Bates

Don't delay! Get yours today and start getting lost!

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