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Fairy Cam

Fairy Cam

Using the unique Celtic properties of the A4 Gyroclover you literall spin yourself around and zap fairies who burst into particles of summer sunshine! Giggling with mischievousness they'll increasingly surround and come at you till you're dizzy with zapping frenzy and collapse into a fit of laughter.

Fruity Pairs

Fruity Pairs

Get your juices flowing with another beautiful matching game by Yummy Yellow.

The Hunt iphone augmented reality game

The Hunt

We've unlocked your camera to the paranormal dimension! That's right, turn on your camera and you will see dead people. This augmented reality game will keep you jumping as you hunt ghosts in the world around you. They're everywhere; in your house, at your work, at the park, in the basement...

Pumpkin Face iphone game

Pumpkin Face

Carving a normal pumpkin will get you all sticky with seeds and stringy pumpkin guts! Not with pumpkin face!

Broken Compass iphone game

Broken Compass

Ever been lost and needed direction? Buy an iPhone 3GS and use the compass. Ever known exactly where you were and needed to get lost?

Love Pairs iphone game

Love Pairs

Where are those lips? I swear I just saw a teddy bear! Can you get a better score than your Valentines crush?

Halloween Pairs iphone game

Halloween Pairs

Revisiting the classic matching game. It’s Yummy Yellow’s latest brew. This app is a universal binary, runs on all your iOS devices, and looks frightfully beautiful on the Retina Display.

"Thanks for the great app!"

- Inadiaxue